Fender Japan Hybrids: Custom Shop features for little more than the price of an American Special 

While browsing Ishibashi Music today I chanced upon this new range from Fender Japan. 

The latest thinking is to take a Japanese Vintage reissue and give it the flatter radius fingerboard and medium jumbo frets of its more expensive American Custom Shop sibling. Factor in American Vintage Reissue pickups and a whole host of cool retro colours ( Candy Tangarine is still my favourite), and  it looks good.

 Then you realise that on the Stratocaster they’ve added a two point tremelo with Vintage saddles and a satin finish neck and it gets better. 

While Fender have banned export of new domestic market Fender Japan guitars. I’m sure some quality time spent on various global market sites will mean some enterprising soul will want to sell you one. Factor in shipping cost plus 23% Duty & VAT and your still only just nudging over the current retail of an American Special Strat. 

Fender have done this CS influenced concept before with the Mexican Roadworn guitars which have had plenty of acclaim. Then there was also the 2005 FSR American Deluxe 60’s Stratocaster which placed the modern electronics and flatter board/bigger fret combination of an American Deluxe on the AVRI 60’s reissue platform. But as this author struggled to  actually find anyone stocking them a week after a delightful afternoon spent with one. They were only available for seemingly 5 minutes. 

I’d grab them while you can. There’s a variety of models in all the most popular reissue combinations. 

About japanguitarhunter

I've played the guitar for some 30 years now, during which time many instruments, amps and effects have passed through my hands. Guitars & in particular Japanese Guitars are a big passion of mine and this blog seems like the ideal method for me to let loose my thoughts and opinions on all that is six-string! About a decade ago I played guitar in Nottingham shoegazers Heroes of Switzerland, completing an album and lots of live work with them. In addition I've played in a variety of bands since the late 80's through to now ranging from icy post punk via old school Metal to World Music and beyond. My most recent band was the North London alternative outfit Playroom. Although I've either borrowed, played or owned most solid bodied electrics at some point or another. Ampwise its been largely Marshall with various set ups over the years, Combo's, Rack's, Stack's etc. Although Ive recently moved to Blackstar. Gigwise I've toured the UK toilet circuit off and on since my 20's, so my opinions are based on what works out in the field as it were. I am looking to source some great examples of my favourite Japanese Electric Guitars. So stay tuned for more to come. So do tuck in and do tell me if you enjoy reading it Jez Sullivan
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