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Fender Japan Hybrids: Custom Shop features for little more than the price of an American SpecialĀ 

While browsing Ishibashi Music today I chanced upon this new range from Fender Japan.  The latest thinking is to take a Japanese Vintage reissue and give it the flatter radius fingerboard and medium jumbo frets of its more expensive American … Continue reading

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Fender Richie Kotzen Telecaster

Fender’s product  blurb for the Richie Kotzen signature Tele begins, “Once only available in Japan, the Richie Kotzen Telecaster is now available to a worldwide audience”.  This is a rather extraordinary understatement. Fender have always seemed, to me, rather unwilling … Continue reading

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Influences: John McGeoch

There’s a reason I have always wanted to own ( and now do own), a black Yamaha SG1000. Since first hearing The Banshees Ju Ju as a 17 year old. John McGeoch’s playing style to me, encompasses the very modernism … Continue reading

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